Skagway, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska

Skagway, Alaska offers a significant amount of recreation. It’s a chance to explore part of the wilderness in a way that you never thought possible. The Tourism Bureau recommends that the best time to visit Alaska is between May and September when the days are longer and everything is in full bloom.

Why is Skagway a great city to visit? Skagway is such a great city to visit because it only has a population of 800. However, approximately 700,000 visitors take to the city every single year because of the National Historic Park buildings, the boardwalks, as well as the significant amount of nature.

This is where you can hike the Chilkoot Trail, too. It’s the highway to Klondike and is a 33-mile climb up. Even though the trek takes five days to complete and you need a permit to be able to cross the border, you do have the ability to only hike a portion of the trail. Various shuttles will take you to the trailhead and pick you up at various stopping points.

Top Things to Do There are all sorts of things to do throughout Skagway. You have to decide whether you want to see the city by land, by boat, or by air. You can view the history within the area or as well as nature. Bears, whales, moose, harbor seals, and even mountain goats can be seen on the various tours, providing you with some picture-perfect moments to bring back home with you.

There are various helicopter tours that will take you up for approximately one hour so that you can see the waterfalls and the glacier-filled valleys.

If you want to see the area by land, you can do so walking, by bicycle, as well as by scooter. Another great way to see the area is by dogsled.

A dogsledding adventure can be booked online. You will get to see the husky puppies, view the musher camp, and go on a backcountry dogsledding adventure.

Should you want to go by water, various rafting and kayaking adventures are readily available. This is when you are likely to see bald eagles and bears throughout the scenery.

The adventures you can go on are numerous:

  • Fishing charters
  • Sea kayaking
  • Zipline tours
  • Riverboat tours
  • ATV tours
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Gold panning

Where to Stay One of the most common ways to arrive to Skagway is by cruise ship. Princess cruises, Norwegian, and various other cruise lines will choose to port in Skagway for a day. From there, you can explore the city and then go back onto the ship for your accommodations.

However, there are plenty of other ways to explore Skagway and Alaska in general. Whether you fly in and then drive or you decide to take the train in and stay for a few days, you will want to consider other accommodations.

You can choose from cabin rentals, fishing lodges, and remote wilderness lodges. Camping in tents and RVs are another option, especially when you want to truly enjoy the great outdoors.


strong>Camping Various campgrounds cost less than $20 per day for the use of a site. It will include several amenities including a campfire ring, picnic table, outhouse, and water pump.

You will want to review a list of parks and campgrounds to choose from.

Special Events Although Skagway has a small population, they know that it grows. As such, they have a strong event’s calendar to explore throughout the year. This includes everything from fishing tournaments to arts and culture.

You won’t want to miss some of the top events that take place:

  • Buckwheat Ski Classic
  • Fall Festival
  • Yuletide
  • Klondike International Road Relay

You will also be able to take advantage of wine tasting, specialty dinners, and live music performances throughout the time in Skagway. The events calendar will tell you everything you need to know while you're in the area.

White Pass Railway One of the best ways to see Skagway and the surrounding area is via the White Pass Railway.

The White Pass Summit Excursion takes you on the adventure of a lifetime. You will be able to see the original Klondike Trail from 1898 as well as gorgeous, glaciers, waterfalls, and historic sites throughout the train ride. The 40-mile round-trip excursion will take you on a 2885 foot elevation. The entire tour is narrated as well, giving you details about what you are seeing along the way.

The tour duration is approximately 3.5 hours. The cost for adults is $125. You can find details and book online from the White Pass website.